Spencer Smith


Spencer Smith

Senior Loan Originator Assistant

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Born and raised in Marietta, Georgia and having a strong work ethic, Spencer started working for Big Star food stores at age 15.  His perseverance and hard work paid off when he graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Finance.  Upon graduation, he moved to Los Angeles, California and approved million-dollar credit sales for Reynolds Metals Company. Having a strong desire to go to graduate school, Spencer was accepted into the MBA program at The University of Tennessee. After  graduating with an MBA in Finance, he worked with several local companies such as TVA and Star Construction. Spencer met his wife in Knoxville and got married in Hawaii. He and his wife recently moved to Pigeon Forge and really enjoy the mountain life. Spencer has a love for the mortgage industry with over ten years of experience in the mortgage industry. Before joining Foundation Mortgage Company, Spencer worked with GSF Mortgage and 1st Family Mortgage. Spencer’s primary concern is to save our client’s money and help them live a better life. He looks forward to working with you!