How Do I Know If I Am Ready To Buy A Home?

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How Can I Tell If I Am Ready To Buy A Property? Buying a home is a major life milestone, as well as a significant way to begin building financial security because as you pay off your mortgage, your home builds more equity, offering homebuyers a valuable economic resource. With the ever-changing real estate market,…

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Refinancing Your Home Loan

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Are you a homeowner and wondering how to improve your current financial circumstances? Taking out a home loan to help finance a property is a major economic commitment, luckily the terms of your loan do not have to be permanent if you refinance a mortgage. When you refinance your home loan with either a cash-out…

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Questions You May Have About Buying a Home With Gift Funds

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Are you interested in purchasing a property, but finding that you need some additional capital to help you cover the ever-increasing amount of the down payment or closing costs needed in today’s real estate market? One possible option to help a homebuyer out with these costs is using “gift money” if the borrower is fortunate…

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Learn More About Bridge Loans

Bridge Loans

Using Bridge Loans To Buy A Home Are you a homeowner interested in selling a property that you currently own and purchasing a different property, and want to know more about using the money from that sale to buy a new home? This type of situation can sometimes cause financial stress because of the sale…

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Understanding FICO Credit Scores

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Understanding FICO Credit Scores When Purchasing A Property When buying a property, your credit rating is a major factor that significantly impacts the amount of money that you will pay for your home loan. You will be able to obtain a better mortgage rate if your credit score is higher, and most credit ratings are…

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Home Equity Line Of Credit


Are you a homeowner who is currently interested in securing an extra source of income? There are some loan options available that can help a borrower access their home equity in exchange for credit or cash. One great option that lets you tap into your home equity is a home equity line of credit, or…

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Understanding Mortgage Insurance Premiums


If you are a homeowner who used an FHA loan to help finance your purchase, you more than likely have been paying a mortgage insurance premium. If you are able to meet certain specifications, you might be able to eliminate these insurance payments and save a substantial amount of money. If you are a homeowner…

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Use a Fix and Flip Loan to Help Invest in a Property


You have probably heard the term “flipping a home”, which basically is a process that involves purchasing a property that is in need of some repair, renovating or “fixing up” the home, and then selling it again for a profit. This type of investment can be a great way to earn a supplemental income, but…

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Calculating Debt-To-Income Ratio


If you are interested in applying for a home loan to help you finance the purchase of your property, some major factors that a mortgage lender will look at to determine your eligibility are your credit and your debt-to-income ratio, or DTI. Your DTI helps to show your likelihood of paying back the money that…

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Using A Construction Loan To Build A Home


Do you currently build homes or are you someone interested in having your own home built by someone else? If so, a construction loan is a short term loan that may be used to assist in the building of a real estate project. If you are located near Knoxville, Maryville, Lenoir City, Oak Ridge, or…

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