What is Mortgage Insurance?


When purchasing or refinancing a home, mortgage insurance may be required depending upon your loan program and down payment amount. Loans with a low down payment amount will require mortgage insurance. It protects the lender if you were to fall behind on your payments and lose the home to foreclosure. The cost of the insurance may… [Read More]

Cheers to 3 years!

team FMC

The team recently celebrated our 3 year anniversary in August. Thank you to all of our clients, partners, friends, and family for believing in our team and making Foundation Mortgage Company a success!

What Impacts Your Interest Rate?

June 25th Interest Rates

Interest rates are ever-changing and there are a lot of factors that impact the rate you are able to secure. Here are 7 things that impact your rate: 1. Credit score 2. Home location 3. Home price & loan amount 4. Down payment 5. Loan term 6. Interest rate type 7. Loan type. Don’t stress,… [Read More]


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