How to Grow Your Wealth through Homeownership


How to Grow Your Wealth through Homeownership


Data from Bloomberg on Americans over 65 shows that homeowners are far likelier than renters to hold higher net wealth. This makes sense, as we all pay for housing, but some are not paying to eventually own the asset. Buying a home is often an overlooked wealth building tool in the traditional finance world, which…

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Why the Housing Market is not Set to Crash in 2023


With recent inflation and the rise of mortgage rates, many fear we will have a housing market crash similar to 2009. Despite this, we are not seeing a lot of foreclosures impact homeowners. We are in a different market than we were in the crash of the earlier decade. This week, the team at Foundation…

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Using Your Home Equity to Achieve Your Goals


Throughout the United States, housing prices are on the rise, and this is a great time for many homeowners. While you invest in your home and pay off your mortgage, you’ll be happy to see your equity and assets grow. Many homeowners can use hundreds of thousands in home equity to pursue a myriad of…

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Demand for Homeownership Rising Among Millennials


You may be surprised to learn that the millennial generation, once known for being renters, has become a driving force in today’s home buyer market. Although people have seen some of the demand for buying a home slow as interest rates rise, there are still plenty of buyers out there. The idea that millennials are…

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Saving for a Home Is Possible


Last week, we discussed how higher interest rates are increasing the cost of owning a house. On hearing this news, many fear they’ll never save enough. Still, saving up to own an asset like a home can bring you great returns and help you avoid being at the mercy of the rental market. Finding a…

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Positive Signs for Today’s Homebuyer

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With recent inflation, the cost of owning a home could increase. Despite this, inflation is causing some pressure that could benefit you if you want to buy a home this year. Economic changes have caused a cooling off with demand for homes in several markets. With rising mortgage rates, many are questioning whether it’s the…

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What Two Questions Should Every Homebuyer Ask Themselves Right Now?

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The housing market has been greatly impacted recently by increased interest rates initiated by the Federal Reserve in an attempt to curb inflation. The rising interest rates have significantly impacted the price of mortgage payments, making it more expensive to borrow money to afford a home. Many potential homebuyers are worried that they may currently…

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What Is a Home Equity Line of Credit?

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Are you a current homeowner looking for a supplemental form of income? There are loan options that exist that can allow you to access the equity that has built up in your home in exchange for credit or cash. One great type of option that lets borrowers tap into home equity is known as a…

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What Is The Cost Of Waiting For Mortgage Rates To Go Down?


Buying a home is one of the most significant financial and lifestyle decisions that someone can make, and with the current housing market and recent increase in interest rates, many people are questioning whether or not they should commit to buying a home right now or continue renting and wait for prices to go down.…

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What Are Some Long-Term Benefits of Owning Your Own Home?


There have been several shifts in the housing market over the past several months that have slowed down the current market, including rising mortgage rates, inflation, and concerns about a possible recession. This has many people wondering if it is a good idea to buy a home or to wait. Even though there are certain…

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