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Jessie McDaniel

Loan Officer | NMLS: 1446362


Meet Jessie, a detail-oriented loan officer based in Knoxville, TN. She was born and raised in Greenville, SC, but after getting married, she moved to Washington state where she worked in the real estate industry for five years. In 2019, Jessie relocated to Knoxville with her family and has been putting down roots ever since.

Jessie started her career in the financial industry working for a credit union, where she did manufacture home loans on leased land for three years. She then moved into real estate  and worked as an LOA for a loan officer in Washington state before transitioning to become a standalone loan officer in May of 2022.

What Jessie loves most about her job is that she gets to make a real difference in her client’s lives by helping them achieve their dream of becoming homeowners. She believes that  building strong relationships with her clients and realtor partners is the key to success in the industry.

Aside from work, Jessie enjoys spending time in the gym, doing embroidery and needlework, and reading. Her husband and daughter are her biggest priorities, and she cherishes the  flexibility her job provides, allowing her to be present with her family every day.

Jessie clients appreciate her attention to detail and her caring nature, which sets her apart from other loan officers. She strives to make the mortgage and real estate process as  smooth and clear as possible for her clients, building trust and lasting relationships along the way. Helping her clients achieve their big, hairy, audacious goals while achieving her own is what Jessie loves most about her job.

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